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Music Services to Pay $100.00 to Songwriters

The big streaming services — , Yahoo and RealNetworks, will be paying the Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers up to $100. A federal judge ruled on the back royalty payments due from streaming music.

The sides in this dispute need to work together and end the strife that has resulted in primarily making their lawyers wealthy.

Streaming music services should be and -supported, and the record companies need to be also brought to the table. Radio has figured out how to make this profitable for everyone for decades, and online streaming is the same thing powered by technology.

But today’s technology allows everyone to be even happier. Streaming services should allow to customize their playlists and deliver targeted ads (say between every 4th song) and mix in some new tracks along with specified artists.

Listeners required to give up some information so that they can be targeted, and the increase in ad dollars should be shared between all three parties. This should also be the model for streaming of movies and TV . Technology is allowing the ad supported model to open the floodgates of content and satisfy all parties — if they can just put aside their difference. [source yahoo ]

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