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Music and Radio Industry Advice that’s No Longer Valid



The music and radio industry once had a standard set of rules that everyone who wanted to be successful followed. Since the industry’s drastic change around 2001 there was an overhaul of the people who worked in the industry as well as the rules.  More than half the industry is gone and the ones who remain have probably broken one or several of these rules during their career. Click “Next” for next segment

Keep Your Mouth Shut and Your Ears Open

You can do this today but only if you plan to be working the same job for your entire career. A closed mouth won’t get fed and keeping your mouth shut today will appear as a lack of and you will be ignored. In all seriousness, this advice has been dead for the last 20 years. There are many announcers today in their 40s and 50s who waited for someone to take them to the next level and it never happened.


Don’t Burn any Bridges

To hell with BURNING bridges in today’s industry you better learn how to build one better yet build MANY. When you are creating opportunities for yourself you ARE going to burn bridges. People will be jealous, get pissed at you and in some cases even hate you for having the courage to be who the never could be and thats not your concern.
When you make a decision to take control of your career, just do it.  A young aggressive was once looked down upon in the industry as someone who was not following the rules and moving up the ladder at a pace that was uncomfortable for others. Today you BETTER be aggressive and you better grow fast because the more you can do the longer you will have a career. burning-bridge

Work your way up the ladder

I have personally never believed in industry which is why I work for myself but working for someone does require protocol and there is a fast way you can do this. Let me give you a piece of advice I wish I didn’t have to learn the hard way early on in my industry career. Give ALL jobs a time limit and a goal. NEVER accept an offer where you are told you are being tested  (with low pay). If your PD is immature and jealous of your talent because he missed his make plans to leave, you won’t win in a negative situation like this. In today’s industry you will work your way up the ladder much quicker by diversifying your skill set. NEVER and I mean NEVER depend on someone else to build your career. Take control.

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