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Music and Radio Industry People that we lost in 2016

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Without question 2016 was one of the most devastating years in the music, radio and entertainment industry with losses. Here is a list of those we lost in the music and radio industry. Hit the next button below for the next segment.

1/11/16 – David Bowie

Indescribable Music Legend

I’m barely over the death of Natalie Cole and was thinking about going to her services today and now I learn that one of my absolute favorite musicians has also passed, the legendary icon David Bowie. Perhaps it really is true that stars die in threes. Ironically, he just released a new album a few days ago which I am sure will explode on the charts now. Perhaps he, like Natalie, were at their best doing what they loved to do until the end.

I was a very young kid when David Bowie hit the scene in the early 70s but I do remember him. He was an amazing artist who dared to color outside the lines and he refused to be bored. Yesterday, at the age of 69 after an 18-month battle with cancer, he met his end. I regret that I never met him but I was in the same room with him and Iman once at an awards after party. At times like these I realize it’s petty to be concerned about what your black guests would think or that you are bothering someone by telling them that you love their music and asking for a picture as I felt that night when I blew off a chance to meet him. Now the opportunity is gone for good. Lesson learned… just push your opinionated and predictable black friends out-of-the-way (or just get rid of them) go around the block to cross the street (a different route for a change), ask and take the damn picture with the Rock Star.

Bowie was always a step staircase ahead of his predictable rock counterparts making him indescribable yet still incredibly , intriguing and a revolutionary as a musician. He must have driven his label insane by doing things in the early 70s like announcing he or and/his alter ego Ziggy Stardust, by today’s terms, a drag queen, was gay. In the early 70s that was enough to destroy a career but Bowie was always ahead of his time and outrageously bold. He was the first “New Wave” artist in the 70s before “New Wave” had a genre in the early 80s. He pushed the envelope by being a singer and combining it with being a performance artist by wearing space costumes or makeup and wigs creating an androgynous persona that others replicated but were unable to duplicate. To say that he was in a class by himself is an understatement.

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