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A Multi-Billion Dollar Social Club? A Deeper Exploration of The Black Church

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Black-ChurchA Multi-Billion Dollar Social Club: A Deeper Exploration of The Black

By Guest Blogger:  Roosevelt “Arje” Jackson


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When the soul yearns for peace and the spirit is worn and torn, the only shelter that declares healing is the Church. Much like when the physically ill turn to a doctor or the hospital for a remedy, the spiritually wounded seek healing from a pastor or the church. The effectiveness of any church’s ability to mend the inner afflictions of the spiritually lost remains a mystery. Religion, shrouded in antiquities, ancient traditions and myths, has possibly dissatisfied the well-grounded more than repaired the broken, yet the human is either wired or conditioned to know this omnipresent power that is greater than all matter, scientific aptitude, and existence.   The world is experiencing a new age of spiritual awakening and experiment centered on the human purpose and how the concept of being coexists with spirituality and the logical existence of God and whether religion plays a significant part in this understanding. There’s no denying that humans have always been infatuated with the spiritual energy of the unknown.  This could explain why some doctrines believe that it must be contained.

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  1. Excelent “ARJ”. Proud of you man. I do not know you personally, after reading this article tells me that you not only have deep intestinal fortitude, and your education is definitely good. However, I would like to know what happend? that inspired you to write such a comprehensive article…. Inqueirring mind wants to know…

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