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Monique Reveals low payment amount for Precious as the Reason she was “Difficult” (vid)

Now it all makes more sense, but if you think about it you can understand Lee Daniel’s point too. She may not have been paid much for Precious but the PAYOFF is what mattered. The Oscar. Monique should not have made this situation public, by doing so, she has certainly hurt her own career even more. There were many radio people who worked with her on her radio show at urban who did not have very nice things to say about her. They described her as moody, mean and snappy. Her BET show which had decent ratings literally disappeared and in this video she admits that she did not want to promote her movie Precious at the Cannes film fest because she had to pay for the flight and expenses except the hotel room. What Lee says makes sense, you make a movie, you are the star, you AGREE to the low payment but it’s an Oscar contender, you NEED to help promote the movie. She absolutely NALED the performance in Precious and it was groundbreaking for her to finally be considered a true actress. Now what?

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