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MMTC asks FCC for Law to end "No Urban Dictates"

Can you believe there are people out there both white and black who thing racism is a thing of the past? The Minority Media & Telecommunications Council asked the Federal Communications Commission to name an official to act as a compliance officer for its new rule banning discrimination in the placement of broadcast advertising. In a letter to chairman Kevin Martin July 15, when the new rule took effect, executive director David Honig said the compliance officer would make sure that broadcasters were aware of their new obligations.

As part of a package of initiatives to boost minority representation in the media, many of which the MMTC recommended, the commission adopted what the MMTC called “the first federal nondiscrimination mand ate on any subject” in three decades. The rule is meant to prevent advertisers from avoiding buying time on Hispanic- or African-American-targeted stations by requiring broadcasters renewing their licenses to “certify that their advertising-sales contracts contain nondiscrimination clauses that prohibit all forms of discrimination.”

Broadcasters also took steps to make sure that none of those ad dollars are withheld because of so-called no-urban or no-Spanish dictates.

Looks like at least a couple of these companies won’t have to worry about advertising to anyone, Starbucks which just announced it’s closing 600 storesa and CompUSA which basically no longer exists.

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