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Millennial Minute: So you got the Internship… now what?

How to be "THE" Intern not just "AN" Intern


Millennial Minute: Internship Keys Pt. 2

Welcome back to another week of the Millennial Minute. Last week we talked about the keys to getting your next internship. So you get the internship, now what? One of the first things I tell our interns when they start is, there are two types of interns: the ones you forget as soon as the semester ends (and people comment things like, “I didn’t even know their name”) and the ones who you want/ask to stay as soon as their semester ends. You want to be the with the lasting impression, the one they write a stellar letter of recommendation for, and the one they want to hire if a position is open.  What’s the point of spending eight weeks or more with a company and not getting the most out of it? Your job as a superstar  (outside the tasks assigned) are to develop and learn key skills, build your network and professional connections, and potentially land a permanent role (if the company and job are a fit).

Like many things, an internship experience is what you make it. This may sound like a cliché, but from a former intern turned Internship coordinator I have been on the front end and back end of several internship semesters and know this to be true!

Link: http://miinternship.com/

So how do you stand out? How do you make yourself the best intern that company has ever had? I’m glad you asked.

Prep for the first day. I know that none of our readers/potential intern candidates would ever apply to an internship without doing their homework on the company (righttttt   ). But from the time you first researched the company to actually walking in the door the first day, you may need to touch up on your info. Do a quick refresher and see if there is any additional or new information the night before so that the information is top of mind. This also helps because even if you have nerves on your first day, you have already prepped yourself and you are more confident walking in.

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