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Millennial Minute: Quality vs. Quantity

Back with another edition of the Millennial Minute. I am going to use this quote to guide our chat today.

“It’s not about how many years of experience you have. It’s about the quality of your year’s of experience.” 

Backstory on why we are talking quality of experience this week. I’m sure by now you have seen or heard that for the first time in the workplace, there are up to five generations working together. Of course, this varies by organization, but this is much more common than not. In this multi-generational office space the topic of experience comes up a lot and the debate begins. I have watched and discussed this topic with various scenarios more often in the last five years that I have been in the workforce. I have personally experienced unfair treatment and pre-judgement for being a “twenty-something” with less than a decade in the industry trying to take on larger roles where I have to manage people with years of experience to match my years on the Earth.

Is experience valued? Yes. Does that guarantee a job or promotion? No. But let me be clear on what I mean, because your girl is not trying to get millennial hate mail from seasoned vets! I mean, that with ANYONE, years of experience alone should not instantly qualify you as the best person for a role. Experience should also be accompanied by current and past accomplishments and recent achievements. It should be filled out with stellar references, continued knowledge of your industry, and a portfolio of work. And the list goes on.

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