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Millennial Minute: Industry Perspectives on Stereotypes from … a Millennial

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Welcome to the . From one millennial to another, this post is meant to inform, inspire, and support our ever-changing industry and our generation’s dedication to it. So, let’s start with Millennial Stereotypes.

Something that has bothered me for years now is hearing “If there were more millennials like you, I’d hire more.” After I remind myself to remain professional and not say something like, do you live under a rock?  I ask them why they felt like that and here are the top five answers (cues Family Feud theme song):

  • Lazy
  • Entitled
  • Self-centered and selfish
  • Disloyal
  • Ineffective communicators / too tech-focused

Quick breakdown of the word ‘stereotype:’

I had to remind myself that stereotypes while exaggerated usually come from someone’s truth (ie. somebody hired a lazy, self-centered candidate that just so happens be a Millennial and now they believe the whole generation is the same. WRONG). But, the joy in a stereotype is that all we have to do, IS NOT BE THE STEREOTYPE! And from firsthand experience over the last couple years as a hiring manager (internships to full-time entry level) I have seen and heard some of the craziest stuff from people who claimed they wanted an opportunity at our company. This is not a generational thing, but I am talking in this context to my fellow Millennial candidates.  Now I am all about defending our generation every chance I get, but we all need to be on the same accord and have an honest, come to Jesus moment on a couple things:

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