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Millennial Minute: Am I “Qualified?”

Happy New Year everybody! Am I the only one who was ready but not ready for 2018? In our industry especially, it can feel like we never really have a break. We are always planning ahead, ahead, ahead, and I realized I did not give myself time to really reflect and appreciate all that went down in 2017. Honestly the first week (or two) of the year was like a 2017 hangover, but I am happy to say I am 2018 sober right now and ready to kill it! That was just a quick personal vent, but I feel like we are close enough now to do that.

The first agenda item for 2018 is questioning if you are for a position you want to apply to. I was talking with a mentee of mine last week and we are talking about what internships she has applied for and what her goals are for the year. I ask her why she hadn’t applied for any specific internships, just tv. She’s a broadcast major and she agreed that being well rounded in broadcast and print was important to her and she was currently in a tv internship program.So she tells me, I don’t think I am to be a radio because I have yet to have any experience in it. I’ve had a tv internship and I feel more comfortable applying and getting those. I quickly said, the internship is the experience, that’s why you do them! The skills you have learned and used in the classroom and also with you previous internships is more than enough evidence to an internship coordinator that you are capable of being a radio intern, or any other media intern. Skills transfer. Training transfers. Professionalism and a passion to learn transfers. Why are you selling yourself short?

Now, she is going to apply for a minimum of two radio internships for the Summer, and that makes me happy.

So why do we do that? Why do we tell ourselves “no” before anyone else does? We aren’t interviewing ourselves. We should be confident in what we bring to the table and what we can gain. By now you know I love a quick google definition of certain words, so I want to break down how to define “disqualify”.


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