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Michael Jackson’s Dad Breaks Silence


Joseph Walter Jackson, musician, boxer, talent manager and father of the Jackson family of entertainers has broken his silence as pertains to his superstar entertainer son , who died suddenly in 2009.

“They treated him like Howard Hughes,” the patriarch told Piers Morgan, referencing world famous aviator, filmmaker and philanthropist Hughes, who led an eccentric, secluded lifestyle during his final years. Hughes’ reclusive activities and speculated drug use were punctuated by a dramatic physical transformation as compared to the start of his life to its conclusion. “The family couldn’t get to him, you know, like they should have,” said Joe of Michael. “And that was very wrong for that to happen.”

Michael notoriously went on record in terms of descriptiveness of the physical abuse he endured as result of father Joe’s hands. “Do it like Michael”, he described in terms of the senior Jackson’s demands for the kids, members of the successful singing group The Jackson 5, to dance well during rehearsal. Michael said he felt such critiques were most harshly directed toward his brother Marlon.

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