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Michael Baisden Talks about Life after Radio

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Commentary: A Man With A Plan And A Man Of Principles

I don’t understand why people get so angry when they get fired from a job or dumped in a relationship. Didn’t they see it coming? Or are they so caught up in the “vapors” that they develop a case of selective amnesia?

The day that someone comes to work for me, I tell them to start planning for life after radio. “What is your plan?” I ask them. And if we’re within 3 years of the end of a contract I have a meeting with my staff and tell them, “Start planning to leave, now!”

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  1. I have NO reason to question the accuracy of Michael’s statements so I will only say well done and encourage others to start acting not thinking like him. I was on the other side of the business and I thank GOD I had a similar plan. Be blessed and remember to focus on what you can control.

  2. I am one of the professional broadcasters that was displaced when the Baisden show was picked up by my station. I was #1 in the afternoon when the unexpected, unannounced change took place. I saw Baisden at a function a couple of months after my involuntary departure, introduced myself and said “I’m the guy that you replaced”. He asked “what are you going to do now”? I replied “working part-time at another station”. In his arrogant, audacious tone he said “so you’re straight then” and walked away. It took everything I had not to slap the ish out of him. From #1 afternoon drive to 6 hours on the weekend and I’m “alright”? I’m sure this was the story of dozens of local personalities that were caught in the whirlwind of this round of syndication. I’ve heard him complain that he was not given the opportunity to address his audience before he left the air. How many of us were given that priviledge? That’s not how it works Mike. They call you in the office after a great shift and tell you “they’re going in a different direction”. The End. I never heard MB publicly express empathy, sympathy, or concern about the many professionals that were affected by his syndication; people with families who depend on those careers, people who lost their livelihoods. He’s asking people (Listeners) to rally for him?! We didn’t get the chance to “rally our troops”. You asked people to rally in NYC and were pissed at WDAS when they dropped you………..C’Mon man!

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