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Miami DJ Arrested for DUI

prudentErvens Prudent, 26, a North , was arrested by Police who state he was driving drunk when car slammed into a vehicle stopped at a Coral Gables traffic light this past . The crash killing both inside the stopped vehicle. Prudent was heading east on Southwest Eighth Street about 1:20 a.m. a car carrying Sweetwater residents Maria Martinez, 44, and Marlon Gutierrez, 34, police said. When their car stopped for a traffic light Prudent didn’t, investigators say. The impact killed Martinez and Gutierrez and seriously injured Prudent. He was treated at Jackson Memorial Hospital as police investigated the crash. He was arrested in the hospital this past Friday facing counts of vehicular manslaughter and counts of manslaughter. Defyne Entertainment says Prudent, also known as DJ A.O.L., “is a Miami record producer, songwriter known for an underground song titled “Take a at My Swag.”

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