MEDIABASE TOP 20 Singles ADULT, K'Jon, Maxwell, Rapheal Saadiq, Anthony Hamilton…

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11Pretty Wings20432094-5116.769
22 /></td><td
align=K’JONOn The Ocean177017462414.186
43 /></td><td
align=Last Chance1692141128113.160
34ANTHONY HAMILTONThe Point Of It All16101613-312.753
75 /></td><td
align=RAPHAEL SAADIQNever Give You Up f/…13161248689.087
96 /></td><td
align=Can’t Live Without Y…1292105224010.573
57CHARLIE WILSONThere Goes My 12401279-398.864
68MUSIQ SOULCHILDSobeautiful11261264-13810.264
89MAXWELLBad Habits11221128-69.083
1110 /></td><td
align=CHRISETTE MICHELEEpiphany (I’m Leavin…1009100816.255

1211JENNIFER HUDSONIf This Isn’t Love932980-486.806
1912 /></td><td
align=WHITNEY I Look To You8974164819.508
1313 /></td><td
align=JAZMINE SULLIVANIn Love With Another…792772204.780
1014LAURA IZIBORFrom My Heart To You…7811017-2364.785
1615TEENA MARIECan’t Last A Day f/F…623630-73.276
1516CHRISETTE MICHELEBlame It On Me571635-644.991
1817 /></td><td
align=MELANIE FIONAGive It To Me Right494417772.990
2018 /></td><td
align=RUBEN STUDDARDTogether42241392.750
2119URBAN MYSTICBest Part Of The Day352403-511.994
2220 /></td><td
align=God In Me f/Kierra S…351323283.789

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