MEDIABASE TOP 20 Adult Singles: Whitney, Ginuwine, Jennifer Hudson Chrisette Michelle…

LW: Jul  29  –  Aug  4TW: Aug  5  –  Aug  11Updated: Wed  Aug  12 4:17 AM PST
RankMediabase Sortable Statsâ„¢SpinsAud.
11Pretty Wings20282074-4616.770
22K’JONOn The Ocean17741789-1514.991
33 /></td><td
align=GINUWINELast Chance16371636112.714
44 /></td><td
align=ANTHONY HAMILTONThe Point Of It All158715503712.469
75 /></td><td
align=CHARLIE WILSONCan’t Live Without Y…1287117511210.566
56RAPHAEL SAADIQNever Give You Up f/…12591343-848.396
87 /></td><td
align=MAXWELLBad Habits119511643110.767
128 /></td><td
align=WHITNEY HOUSTONI Look To You110090020010.356
69CHARLIE WILSONThere Goes My Baby10471263-2168.394
910MUSIQ SOULCHILDSobeautiful10371137-1009.649

1011CHRISETTE MICHELEEpiphany (I’m Leavin…10011006-57.355
1112JENNIFER HUDSONIf This Isn’t Love909931-226.753
1313 /></td><td
align=In Love With Another…858811475.424
1414 /></td><td
align=LAURA IZIBORFrom My Heart To You…833787465.140
1615 /></td><td
align=CHRISETTE MICHELEBlame It On Me655560955.839
1516TEENA MARIECan’t Last A f/F…600605-52.810
1717 /></td><td
align=MELANIE FIONAGive It To Me Right549530193.388
2418 /></td><td
align=Don’t Stay4372881492.905
2219 /></td><td
align=BEBE & CECE WINANSClose To You392330622.284
1820God In Me f/Kierra S…389403-145.591