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Matthew Modine Slated to Play the Man that Fired Steve Jobs

 width=Film actor Matthew Modine has signed on to the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic entitled jOBS, which stars Ashton Kutcher as the late founder. Directed by Joshua Michael Stern (Swing Vote), the film will chronicle Jobs‘ life from 1971 through the 21st century. Modine has been tapped to play John Sculley, the former Pepsi-Cola whom Jobs recruited to lead Apple in 1983. Sculley has longbeen known as the man who “fired” Jobs two years later. The two had clashed in their respective roles at Apple, leading up to Jobs‘ removal fromthe company in 1985. Sculley served as Apple CEO from 1983 to 1993. Book of Mormon star Josh Gad will portray Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak in the film, due out this fall. The movie began principal photography in June. Early scenes will be shot in the actual Los Altos home where Jobs grew up and in thehistoric garage where he founded Apple.

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“The interesting thing about that is some people may look at John Sculley as a villain in the story, an antagonist in the story,” Modine said, adding,”You know the story of Michael Jordan. When he was playing high school , he was kicked off the team. He was cut. And had MichaelJordon not been cut, a lot of people believe he wouldn’t have found the and to show his coach that he was wrong and become theMichael Jordon who changes the of basketball. It’s my feeling — and I think there’s a lot of people who feel — that had John Sculley not fired Steve Jobs from Apple Computers and Steve go on thejourney that he did when he was away from Apple Computers that we wouldn’t be speaking about Steve Jobs today,” – Matthew Modine


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