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Mary J. Blige Charity Faces Lawsuits and Money Issues

 width=After the aftermath of doing a bad Burger King commercial, the legendary soul singer,  . Blige’s charity has been sued for allegedly defaulting on a $250,000 bank loan and failing to pay musicians who worked at a last year, according to the Post.

The Mary J. Blige and Foundation for the Advancement of Women Now, which the singer co-founded with a music- to empower women, has not filed 2010 tax returns and no longer has an office or phone number, according to the daily.

A group of musicians hired by the foundation for a May 2011 event which featured Christina Aguilera, Mary, and other filed suit in a Manhattan court this month, seeking $167,252 in wages and penalties. According to an attorney that is handling the situation for the musicians all the bounced that were received.

A month after the concert the foundation borrowed $250,000 from Bank, which contends in another suit filed this month that the organization has not responded to repayment notices.

A source close to the foundation told the Post it had retained a charity consultant and legal and accounting specialists “to look into certain issues” but would not elaborate.