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MARKETING 101: Urban Radio Ignoring (the few) Good Looking Announcers

Let’s face it, there are some sounding announcers out there in urban that can work the airwaves but when they make an appearance they scare the sh… of listeners. Nappy beards, hairy backs, big guts and premature balding… now lets talk about the men (laugh)…. There are some looking announcers at many urban stations that could be used to market the station on paper and on the sites that are being ignored or misplaced. Sex sells (and Beasts scare) and there is one site that I looked at this morning with a big ass picture of the UGLIEST morning team in the history of urban . They sound GREAT but he looked like King Kong and she looked like Queen Wrong… They both looked like they were in pain. I almost lost my breakfast. It’s too early to look at that sh…. Imagine what the listeners think and think of the young children! UNKNOWN : Number one status in the market doesn’t make the morning team physically attractive. Perhaps we should consider killing the “On the air Now” sections at urban station sites.

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