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Mark Curry Replaces Steve Harvey Morning Show in San Francisco

CMdKmSwUsAAMgQkKBLX, 102.9/SAN FRANCISCO only urban leaning station is canceling the Steve Harvey Morning Show and bringing in comedian Mark Curry who is from the Bay area. He will start on Monday Oct 12 with vets Kimmie Taylor and Victor “Big Daddy” Zaragoza. We’re not sure how this will work out but from my programming perspective I would allow Mark to bring in his own sidekicks to ensure the trio gels on the air but perhaps this has already been tested but as you know RFFocus loves local mornings in certain markets so we are not complaining.

“The KBLX audience has been asking for a live and local morning show and we’re giving them exactly that. I’m so excited to have such great talent on the KBLX airwaves and it’s an honor and privilege to put together a local morning show that will not only be engaging and entertaining but will also be an integral part of our listeners’ daily lives” stated PD Stacey Cunningham. Curry said, ‘I’m just glad to have a damn JOB… Thank Ya Jesus’ OK, he didn’t say that he actually said… ‘Do I get paid yet?’ OK, he didn’t say that either… I can’t help it.

He ACTUALLY said “I’m so ready to take to the BAY AREA airwaves. I’m bubbling with excitement to serve the listeners of this legendary radio station in the market where I was born and raised. How great is that? We’re about to change the face of BAY AREA radio forever. Get ready, cause here we come.” He, Big Daddy and Kimme then started dancing like the Temptations. 

VP/GM said Steve Dinaro added “Mark Curry” is a great addition to ENTERCOM and the KBLX family. As a BAY AREA native, MARK truly understands this unique and diverse media landscape. MARK’s compelling humor and mass appeal will resonate with KBLX listeners. This team’s passion for the community and their charisma are a winning combination.” Steve Harvey stated “Why is y’all droppin’ my show?”

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  1. I will surely miss the Steve Harvey Morning Show. I loved his inspirational moments and the actual chance to hear a good Gospel song slipped in every now and then. Yes there were jokes but there was a whole lot of good sense talk and spiritual motivation.

    Never heard that on the morning show before. Except when Rick Chase was on 106 and they got rid of him when he went spiritual.

    No shade on Mark Curry, but I will probably pull the Steve Harvey show through my cell phone.

  2. I’m glad to see that the bay area will have its own local morning radio show. The Steve Harvey show was cool but its was waaay too many commercial breaks in between and WE need a local radio show. Looking forward to tuning in.

  3. Why??? I love steve harvey radio show! Every morning i get up to go to work i only listen to him and his crew….sherley, tommy, miss ann, jr, etc. There nothing like them…. I’m pissed!

  4. “We will NOT be back in 15 seconds”

    I did have some fun with the show, I hated the formulaic nature of the show, We are the bay area and we deserved more from KBLX that concerned us. Maybe we can just get the weekend edition?

  5. Most people that liked Steve Harvey love the fact that he loves to coon and this appeals to some but not me. To me he has always been a sell out and a fake. Those that saw how he backed Paula Dean understand how he loves to fake people out for his own benefit I think it back fired on him. I will not miss Steve Harvey ” COONING MORNING SHOW”

  6. I did not like or could not stand behind him when he gave Paula Deen a way of escape. She said what she said and she meant what she said and she only apologized when it was REPORTED…

  7. I’m greatful that Steve Harvey Morning Show is GONE. First of all he boosted too much of himself. Bragged about what he has, talked very rude to people, and he thought he was an expert on
    relationships, maybe he learned a little something after several marriages. Welcome Mr. Curry

  8. I will miss Steve Harvey & the morning show, because he did offer all types of resources that would help the community live healthier and fulfilling lives. They just simply entertaining to hear

  9. I’m glade they now have Mark Curry that’s really from they bay. Im also from the same hood just a few block away .
    (78th). All Steve Harvey did is talk about what he had going on and what’s going on in Atlanta. Not the bay area. Never showed up like Kevin Brown did at concerts and so on……

  10. Steve Harvey is just a man, who really Loves his wife, is present for his children and family, works super hard. A God fearing man who is doing well. He cares about the young people, helping young adults & teens. I’ll miss the spiritual motivation & advise. I wish you all the best Steve. I do welcome the wonderful new crew we have now. I already Love them, they’re awesome!

  11. I am glad to hear the Steve Harvey morning show has been canceled. His show was/is based on negative stereotypes. In my humble opinion he is a very good hustler, but not very good at comedy. I never enjoyed his stand up and I stopped listening to KBLX in the morning all because of Steve Harvey. Welcome back local broadcasting.

  12. I wish they would bring back the Steve Harvey morning show. It took a while for me to get used of listening to Steve Harvey on KBLX. I grew up on Kevin Brown and it was heartbreaking to hearvhe was let go from the station after spending years listening to him on the radio. But once I got to listening to the Steve Harvey morning crew and listening to Nephew Tommy it grew in me and I would look forward to getting up in the morning driving to work and listening to Steve, nephew Tommy, Jr., Mz. Butterfly and the rest of the gang. I will never adjust to listening to Mark Curry on KBLX, Mr. Curry is a fake and a phoney let alone he is not funny and he was never funny on Mr. Cooper which is why he hasn’t been offered in any movies or TV shows in a long time. Nevertheless I have tooken KBLX off of my set stations in my car. I hope KBLX realizes that they we’re better off with the Steve Harvey morning show. I know a lot of my friends are no longer listening to KBLX. Please bring back Steve Harvey and his crew.

  13. I love steve harvey an the morning show u guys will never be replaced cuz there will be nothing like the steve harvey morning show an his team god is an have many more things to come come to u I think mark suck I think he’s not funny or good looking jus a tall of wut I don’t kno but I won’t be listening to of that bullshit bring steve bac better yet I don’t think they gone make it az long az the steve harvey morning show he got more then everyone on the dream team my azz

  14. Thank goodness you finally got rid of Steve Harvey. I stop listening to the show because I couldn’t stand him his foul language and holier than thou attitude, it just turned me off. It would have been nice to have Kevin Brown back but I’m quite sure he wouldn’t come back especially the way you guys got rid of him he was the best. I know Mark Curry will be a great asset to the radio station, local guy funny, love him wish you all the best Mark.

  15. I Love the Steve Harvey TV Show. I wish the radio show was as good as the tv show. Way too much cooking for me. Nephew Tommy is not funny. Mark Curry is really a talented and resourceful guy. Good luck to all of you. I had stopped listening to the shms, but I am going to be listening to the new show. You go, Mark…. Love ya baby.?

  16. Glad so glad Steve Harvey is gone. Unbelievably Glad that mark curry is in. Love that Mark curry is from the Bay Area I especially love Eastbay personalities. Now maybe we can get our format back. The Quiet storm soft and warm was for our genre. if you’re interested and making us really really happy, please bring back the Quiet storm format to KBLX. thank you so much!

  17. Mark curry show is boring!..Steve Harvey motivated me with his morning quotes before work in the morning.cant believe they took the show away,very disappointed!!!!!

  18. Hello Mr.Mark Curry,

    I had wondered if you were the one and the same Mark Curry that did Hanging With Mr. Cooper. And in fact you are that Mark Curry.

    You say some things that wake me up laughing. As I listen through my Amazon Alexa on IHEART RADIO. So, I hear you on the morning show.

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