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Marcus Chapman Debuts The Coolest Book Ever Made

MC500 Vol. 1 front cover

When you look at the cover for The Coolest Music Book Ever Made aka The MC 500 Volume 1 you instantly start to reminisce over the years of feel good, inspirational and chart topping music. You also begin to feel nostalgic looking at each of the musical characters illustrated on both the front and back cover. The self-published The Coolest Music Book Ever Made aka MC 500 Volume 1 will make its debut to the music community as well as to the rest of the world on June 2, 2015 at Josey Records, 2821 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy #100, Farmers Branch, TX 75234 from 5-8 p.m. Written and created by Marcus Chapman, an on-air personality for Radio One’s Dallas, TX based 97.9 FM, The MC 500 Volume 1 started as Facebook and Twitter posts about particular song. Chapman soon realized that so many of his friends and followers shared his same affinity for music, and were eager to learn more.

“It was an online project that I did for myself and before I knew it so many people were interested in it including some of the artists that I was posting about,” says Chapman. “The artists, in some instances, even reached out to me and told me what instruments they used for the album, what their motivation(s) were and what techniques they used that may not have been listed on the record. So that made it more interesting for me to make the project into a book.”

Chapman began collecting music when he was just four years old, when he purchased his first album. The MC 500 Volume 1 celebrates over 40 years of music and culture with songs from more than 250 artists. The songs that are included in The Coolest Music Book Ever Made aka The MC 500 Volume 1, include the exact title, artist, writers, producers, year of impact, the album it came from, and the label it was released on, along with Chapman’s write-up about the song. Many photos of autographed albums, rare promotional items, and pictures with the artists are included as well.

“My goal with creating this book was to not only give my perspective of music from various genres but to also create a reference guide for others to get information about cool songs they may not know about, as well as additional info about well-known songs that I’ve gathered through my research over the years,” he adds.

Chapman will begin his D/FW tour on June 2, 2015 at Josey Records and have other appearances at Dock Bookshop in Fort Worth on June 13 and the Pan-African Connection Bookstore’s Juneteenth Festival on June 20, 2015 in Dallas. Other dates are being added. The MC 500 Volume 2 will be released later this year.

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