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If there is a camera or microphone around Marc Clarke is probably on it. For nearly two Marc has made a name for himself in the entertainment as a top rated morning and Talent, Public Speaker, Corporate Presenter and comedian.

Marc\’s “everyman” approach is his signature, whether at home with the wife and kids or in a celebrity interview what you see is what you get not pretense, posturing, Just Marc…warm, compassionate, genuine and really, really, funny.

Last year Marc started working for company called InterCulture as a Media Strategist and is enjoying this career expansion. His position has allowed him to travel extensively domestically and internationally including the World Cup in Dubai and conferences in Qatar and the silicon valley. Marc welcomes the challenge to communicate across difference all over the world.
Marc also challenged himself to live a healthier lifestyle and lost over seventy pounds by making healthy decisions, goal setting and discipline and he passes this on to his corporate with his groundbreaking session “How to re-energize your company Now!”

Marc\’s book “60 Days to the Real Me…How Juice Fasting Gave Me Back My Health” is available at Amazon.

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