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What Made DL Hughley Go Off on a Caller?

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If you haven’t seen this tragic home video of a baby boy swearing and being antagonized by two purported relatives to repeat obscenities, throw up hand gestures, and basically show how much of a  thug he is, well just a fair warning it is heartbreaking to a certain extent.

The video went viral after the Omaha Officers Association (POA), used the video on their website to show the “terrible cycle of violence and thuggery” that is rampant throughout the city. Now the union has come under fire for reportedly promoting the footage on their website in an effort to stave off the increasing problem of inner city crime.

With that being said, DL Hughley posed the question on his syndicated radio show; Is this a form of abuse the way these adults are raising this kid or is this just fun with the family?

The overwhelming majority of callers said it was abuse or at least a serious mistake in judgement. One female caller had a totally different opinion. She said it was family fun and that the people in the video were just preparing the child for what he would encounter in the streets. She even suggested that she raised her kids in a similar fashion so they would be ready for street life.

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