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LOOK: It’s Joyce Sims (Come into my Life)

 width=Remember the hits “All and All” and “Come into my Life?” The production of Kurtis Mantronik (Mantronix) brought Joyce’s sometimes “reaching” vocal skills to life (sorry Joyce). I can’t say the songs would have not been hits without her singing on them but the production certainly played the biggest part. Oddly, the combination of the production and her style of singing were impeccably matched. Kurtis met her while they were both signed to Sleeping Bag records as but he was doing double duty as the A&R Director too and he penned hits for several of the label’s acts. Joyce is still singing and has a new project out and Kurtis have pretty much retired outside of occasional projects and is living in .   Here’s a vid of Joyce signing her biggest urban hit “Come into my Life”

Joyce Sims – Come Into My Life
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