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Longtime Chattanooga DJ Bobby Q Day dies

Local disc jockey Bobby Q. Day died Saturday, according to the John P. Franklin Funeral Home.

Chattanooga disc jockey and local blues scene fixture Bobby Q Day “” whose real name was Eddie White “” died of Saturday. He was 72.

“His name is synonymous with rhythm and blues in Chattanooga during the ’70s and ’80s,” said David Carroll, WRCB- Channel 3 and author of the book “Chattanooga and Television,” which chronicles the city’s media history.

White, better-known by his radio moniker, was a dj for Chattanooga AM station WNOO for about 20 years in the days before radio dominated the . His far-reaching knowledge of the music and his inviting on-air demeanor built up a large .

And there was the voice. White’s longtime friend, veteran disc jockey Tommy Jett, said it emanated both an energy and a smoothness.

“His voice was instantly recognizable. He had a lot of personality, this very distinct style. All these things you don’t hear on the radio now,” Jett said.

And his were loyal, as shown by what happened when White moved to AM station WDXB to dj a blues show slated from 7 p.m. to midnight.

“Back then the AM stations cut a good amount of power at night time, so there typically was not a very good signal then. But he still had very good ratings, and a great following,” said Carroll.

White also developed close friendships in the radio scene.

“Bobby was well known and well loved,” said Jett. “His death is a big loss. I’m going to really miss that man.”

Funeral arrangements will be announced by John P. Franklin Funeral Home.