Lil Mo Takes over Big Tigger's slot on WPGC, Where is Big Tigger Going Next?

 width=F has been informed by sources that singer is now in DC M-F 2p-6p…she is replacing .. who is currently in contract negotiations with the station. It has taken quite some time for the station to decide what they are going to do about Donnie Simpson’ old slot. To many, it would appear was a natural choice but shouldn’t it have happened by now or was the company waiting for ’s contract to end? Is CBS thinking about syndicating Frank Ski from Atlanta or are they going to try a host from another market altogether. One things for sure (at best) they will not be bringing in any syndication…. will they?

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  1. Didnt Lil Mo used to be on radion in Bmore?
    So now she is driving up and down 95 from Bmore to Lanham? i might giver her a shot.

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