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LIFE AFTER RADIO: Former Detroit Jock Reggie Reg Davis Segues to the Political Arena

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Reggie “Reg” Davis, Loretta Cobb & Gary Brown, Sharing the Sprit of Detroit

RFFocus is now committed to SHOWING urban radio people how to diversify their skills and to use their leverage in communications to build a career in other arenas. We have seen many comedians do it by coming into our arena and taking over but we have one skill that they don’t have. We are trained and EXCELLENT communicators. That leaves the door to doing something else WIDE open, we just have to  believe in ourselves. While we all love radio and music, when it stops loving us, we must look at divorcing it and starting a new relationship. I hope this inspires someone.

Reggie Reg Davis is a 30 year radio broadcast veteran. He worked in markets across the nation such as WQMG at Greensboro N.C., Tampa Florida at 95.7 The Beat/iHeartMedia and afternoon drive at KJLH. Even though Reggie enjoyed his travels to various markets, he began (and ended) his career in his favorite market in his hometown  Detroit, Michigan. With his massive involvement with the community, aside from his on air gig, he made a life of doing GOD’s work, helping others, in the city of Detroit.

He won three “Radio Personality of The Year” awards from various regional radio ranking groups and he was nominated for a national “Radio Personality of The Year” award in 2001 by Radio & Records (R&R). He won numerous Community Outreach and Community Advocate Awards over a 30-year span.

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  1. Great story hats off to Regie Reg and to Michael Saunders (we go back to the Carolinas) for allowing Reggie to expand.
    There is life after Radio & Records when one is ready to accept that reality.

  2. Kevin
    This is a great story. Im sure many radio vets can appreciate it from one of their own that there is great life after radio, records & entertainment
    I was at JLB in Detroit during that time and Detroit has always rallied around Reggie because he represented the neighborhoods and the people
    You have to correct your story. It was Cherron in Lansing that replaced the late Kris Kelley who had went on to WGCI in Chicago to do very well.
    Cherron is alive and worked her way up in broadcasting now as a PD
    She still tells the story in interviews how Reggie called her on air and helped to bring her to WJLB as his traffic reporter on his afternoon drive show. Reggie Reg is Detroit radio!

  3. K
    You should do more segments like this on former jocks and also on dj’s…Great story and I know its many more out there.
    It seems like they are on air one day and never heard from again the next day. People dont keep in touch. Depression sets in etc… There is life after!! Keep up the good work Kevin!

  4. Greta Job Kev,

    Reggie Reg you keep doing what you were told by the Most High PD and the world will be your audience!

    Michael Saunders is a one of a Kind Guy in all things Radio and Humanitarian.

    Kevin we need more coverage like this on our troops out here in this business! Yes there are more, but there are so many who do not have a clue how much power they have even as liner jocks, there are no liners when you are in the community doing that work!

    So many so called hip hop jocks trying to be bout that life and living large, we know what you make so stop stuntin and frontin and start doing good in your Area of reach, you owe the listeners more than another top 8 at 8 or a shout out!

    Let’s Follow Reggie Reg’s example do More Be more no matter where you are or who you work with!

  5. Thanks for the love brother Mitch!
    Coming from a radio broadcast heavyweight like yourself, I am honored!
    To God be the glory, and lets continue to pray for those great radio minds who may be lost as a result of capitalism and industry unfairness in this country.

    Reggie Reg Davis

  6. To even imply that the thief possibly murder conspirator (Kwame) is a “good brother’ hurts whatever positive efforts for your community that you have. This is the problem with a lot of black entertainment not specifically radio. We try and justify all bad behavior on the parts of all our so called political figures or entertainment personalities. We feel we have to defend their BS because they’re black or that we have some casual acquaintance. There is an entitled arrogance with a lot of what I see in the radio business. I’m not a veteran of radio but other areas of media. They is a difference between TV and film “entertainers”compared to a lot of the radio personalities is that in their fiefdom i.e. small or medium markets they think for whatever reason they are more valuable or talented than they actually are. Michael Baisden is one that comes to mind. Lack of humility is something I have seen to be a big part of the demise of radio. So when I read about these personalities being squeezed out by the times. I remember a lot of the people complaining on this blog having huge heads. Corporatism is killing many businesses. But you don’t see those people that have lost their jobs and everything else in other endeavors whining and crying “I used to give this party or I used hang with this celebrity.” It makes me think everything I thought about some of these vacuous indulged local jocks is true. No substance not a real person your identity is your job. Without it to make you feel superior you can’t take “regular’ life. Everyone is about to be replaced by a robot a computer or a baby in India. Don’t be a spoiled, entitled jerk when you have the gig.

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