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Life After The Music and Radio Industry? Your Story….

 width=We are working on a story about those who have left the music and and who have become successful in other fields or related fields. We are BOMBARDED with current industry people, especially radio who don’t have much hope for their future and we all know there are very limited the opportunities for today’s radio and industry people to rise through the ranks. I know a LOT of people have left the industry or have stayed in and reinvented themselves as I am one of them (kevRoss) but we’d like to hear YOUR story for this inspirational and motivational piece. Please give us details of what you did and how you moved into another area and how you feel about your move. We are looking for people who have ESTABLISHED themselves in another industry not those who have just started a business. Thanks for your participation.

Is there Life After and Music? So many responses to this story but many needed a form to fill out so I have created one. There are many industry people looking for . Have you or someone that you know left the industry to prosper in another industry? Please tell us your story for RFFocus segment. Click link and fill out form you will enjoy doing it. I swear.


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