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LIFE AFTER THE INDUSTRY? 10 Hot Jobs That Start at $50K+

You may be the kid on the job block, but that doesn’t mean your salary has to start low on the totem pole. The PayScale.com Salary identified an array of exciting that pay a total compensation close to or above an impressive $50,000 per year right from the start.

Here is a list of 10 hot professions that you the money.

1. Investment Banking Analyst.
If you good with numbers and solving real-world problems, this job pays hand somely in the early and has strong long-term earning potential. Typical Starting Salary: $59,084

2. Business Analyst, Computer Software.
Data mining is a new and hot field with strong career potential. Normally used by financial institutions such as banks, data miners sort through vast amounts of that companies make the best use of the information in their data warehouses. Master’s degrees in computer science, physics, or statistics are usually required. Typical Starting Salary: $50,727

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