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Last Day to Register for the NABJ Convention

 width=Dear NABJ Family,

We are just a mere 37 days away from our annual . Thank you for registering for the 2012 Convention & Career Fair in mass numbers, thank you for helping us sell out every inch of our convention exhibit space, and thank you for booking those – we are almost sold out!
We will celebrate our 37th Annual Convention & Career Fair in my hometown, , La., June 20-24.

As you know, our convention is earlier this year than usual, and we will not be part of the UNITY Convention. The decision to leave UNITY was a hard one. I want to personally thank each and every one of you for supporting NABJ and supporting what promises to be a successful convention.

Our Convention planning team has been hard at work to bring you one of the best conventions to date. Our annual convention is an invaluable opportunity to receive worth of training through our workshops and learning labs, a chance to reconnect with your friends and colleagues from across the country, and a time to kick back and relax in the Big Easy!

We are planning a diverse mix of programming, a robust career fair and, of course, an exciting evening of entertainment each day. We are organizing not one, but two during convention week that will feature popular music artists. And to do our part to help a city that still is coming back after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, our community service projects -NABJ Builds and NABJ Reads- will allow members to continue to give hope to the men, women and children of New Orleans.

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