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KXT 91.7 FM Begins Broadcasting November 9 KXT Hosts and Special Performances Announced


gini_mascorrojoe kozera72(DALLAS/FORT WORTH) ““ North Texas Public Broadcasting (KERA) is getting ready to launch its new music station, KXT 91.7 , which will begin broadcasting on Monday, November 9 at 7:00 a.m.

“It’s been a busy past few months,” said Jeff Ramirez , VP of Radio. “We have selected the KXT hosts and further developed the playlists for the locally hosted programming that will be heard on the new station each week. Right now we completing a retrofit of an existing studio to accommodate the new station. Soon we will begin sound quality testing and adjustments on 91.7 FM to make sure that the broadcast audio is balanced in time for launch day.”

Ramirez ann ounced that Gini Mascorro and Kozera are the on-air hosts for KXT’s own music programs. Gini Mascorro is the new station’s music coordinator, and the host for the weekday KXT Morning Show and KXT Texas Mix on Fridays. Listeners to KXT’s sister station, KERA FM, know Gini as the longtime midday ann ouncer and host of the daily arts and cultural segments. On numerous occasions, she has also hosted 90.1 at Night, the Sunday evening music show on KERA FM.

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