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KUDOS: No Honorary Degree Here, Syleena Johnson Actually Graduates from College

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KUDOS to singer Syleena Johnson who took that incredible journey to finish what she started in the mid 90s.

“21 years ago I enrolled in college at Drake university as a freshman…that was 1994…I was 18 years old. April 20, 1996 I was chosen and to be a distinguished woman of Zeta Phi Beta sorority iiiiiiiincorporated….transferred to illinois state LE chapter, 1997 dropped out of college to sign a record deal with Jive records, dropped 8 albums, a movie, a reality show, threee kids, two husbands, three more labels, the list goes on and on…. But the greatest gift right after my husband and kids is this diploma! I did it! Straight A’s no B’s, graduating with honors! Suma Cum Laude, ALPHA BETA KAPPA honor society….I did it for my sons to know its never too late! To know to always strive for excellence and leave no stone unturned!! I did it for me! To show myself I can do all things Through Christ who strengthens me!! I did it for all of my fans to know just cause I’m an entertainer doesn’t mean education is NOT important! Be inspired! Be encouraged….I could cry right now! It was so hard in the middle of filming, performing, being a mommy, being a wife…I did it😜…and u can too!👍🏽”

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