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KPRS Cancels Steve Harvey… Rickey Smiley Show Steps in

 width=All this morning as the station up for a new . Rickey Smiley. This is the first of several stations I have been talking about..   (I won’t disclose what else I know yet). In addition, I HAVE to give Steve credit for not just being smart about stretching his but for being BRILLIANT. Steve can exit urban and be set for many years to come. He KNOWS how the Hollywood game works and instead of waiting for something that was probably not going to come from Hollywood…. he CREATED his own opportunities that is rare and it deserves applause. As I have stated, my problem is not with Steve, it’s with Premiere radio.

to Rickey (and this won’t be the first time I say that over the next few months). The question I now have is, is Steve setting up as his replacement? If he is, his game plan is, once again, brilliant, he is bringing her in before he leaves so that he can create a demand for her. Time will tell. is going to be a hit with him as host (he is currently taping in Florida through Sept). I personally don’t see Steve doing for much more than another year maybe 2.

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