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Let’s Face it…Koch Records Changes Name to Re-Brand

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Independent label Koch Records has changed the name of the label to to merge the company’s portfolio with the parent company Koch states but industry people are saying the name change is an effort to rebuild the label’s brand as more than what rapper/entrepreneur 50 Cent once labeled a retirement home for artists. The label has experienced some success over the last few years and the reputation as the last stop before the end of a career has hit the label hard taking a front seat to the label’s success with artists like  Jim Jones for example. As label relationships with artists change and labels are demanding percentages again, artists want to have name affiliation in to ensure their careers are not in jeopardy. This is a brilliant move on the label’s behalf and if it’s the first order of new executive/artist , I’m already impressed.

I will NEVER forget calling Alan Grunblatt for an ad while he was at Relativity and she told me “I can’t believe you have the nerve to call me.” (laugh) I almost dropped the phone, like who in the FOOK are you supposed to be? But he actually bought an ad and we were good after that.

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