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Khloe Kardashian Gets Radio Show in Dallas Works for an Entire HOUR?


Hope Khloe gets plenty of rest before taking on the monumental task of a one hour radio shift. Makes me tired just talking about it. I can only imagine what she is getting paid. Radio announcers are so disrespected (the real ones) but since commercial radio will be dead in the next two years… who cares?   Kardashian, one of the ONLY members of the reality show family that makes millions doing nothing… well one did do a blowJOB   is getting her own radio show in . Looks like she’s more loyal than her sister Kim since she didn’t divorce her husband because it affected her brand. Lamar Odom was traded from the Los Angeles Lakers to the Mavericks and Khloe actually moved with him.   She will be the host of new program “˜The Mix Up with Odom’ great title “Mix up” which will be broadcast every day on station MIX 102.9. The show is part of Media and will last FOR ONE WHOLE HOUR and starts January 30   Khloe will take requests, chat with her celebrity friends, and more during the Mavericks’ season while she’s in with her husband.” MIX 102.9 program director Jay Michaels described the 27-year-old brunette’s arrival as “a new era where our on-air talent is also an international star.” What a crock of shit. He should have said, “ radio is dead and we need help so we hired this reality chick to garner some damn ratings because I need to keep my job DUH.”

She is also starring in a new reality TV show entitled Khloe and Lamar which will follow the couple’s move from Los Angeles to Dallas. Hopefully she doesn’t bring more magical and mystical street drugs to THIS station like she did in Miami.