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OFF THE RECORDS: Are Adult Dog and Cat Owners Lonely Losers?


KEVSUM: Are Adult Dog and Cat Owners Lonely Losers?

This past weekend, I was complaining to a good friend who is a very successful entrepreneur about how much I HATE walking my dog over drinks. My dog is a 10-year-old (human years) black Chow. The absolute sweetest docile, most serene dog you EVER want to meet and I love her to death but I told my friend I was thinking about giving her to a family with kids so that I can get a break from dogs. He laughed and said, “With all the shit that you have going on in your life a dog must be driving you crazy!” I had to agree. You can’t ask other people to walk YOUR dog, no matter how much they love you, so no matter what I am doing I am ALWAYS conscience of the fact that I have to return home to walk my dog everyday, except when I’m traveling.

I also DESPISE dog culture. When I do walk her, I’m amazed at how many other dog owners take it upon themselves to run across the street with everything from poodles to pit bulls to meet my dog. How about ASKING me first before you rush up on me? I told him it’s bad enough that I don’t want to walk the dog but to be forced to cross the street to avoid other dog owners who appear to have nothing else to do in their lives is too much and I do find it draining. I have actually tried to have a conversation with a couple of dog owners. They talked about their retirement, illnesses, divorces, depression, kids who don’t keep in touch and their dog’s sleeping habits, Oh Joy! In addition, I’ve seen some of these people walk their dog as much as 5 times a day. There have also been times that I’ve come in at 4am and see them walking their dogs in the middle of the night?

I personally think it’s taking it TOO far to dress your dog and take it EVERYWHERE you go. I would never kiss my dog in the mouth. Yes, I’ve seen people do that and I will not share food with my dog. My friend pointed out that dog and cat owners are lonely losers who are disconnected from mankind… WHAT? Now that’s taking it too far… We have all had our bouts with loneliness from time to time but a lonely LOSER? I asked him how can he surmise that dog owners are lonely losers and he stated: “Think about it, how many super rich entrepreneurs do you see with dogs?” I honestly could not think of any, Jay Z, no, Russell Simmons… no, Kanye West… no, Tyler Perry…. no… Denzel… NO..Steve Harvey… NO… Oprah… YES but only for magazine shoots. So I told him he may have won that one. He went on to say. Look at MOST of the people who own dogs, they are usually unattractive and/or fat, old, lonely, single and unfulfilled in their lives. They treat those dogs like people and that’s pretty pathetic don’t you think?” WHOA I thought could that be the case? He went on to say… When was the last time, you saw a great looking woman, climbing the ladder of success in an apartment with a dog? How many single athletes do you see with dogs? I was starting to realize my friend did not think very highly of people who owned dogs at all. I’ve never seen him or his wife with one and while I was still thinking about what he just said he chimed in again… “How frustrated can you be in your life to bend over each day and pick up a stack of hot dog shit with a paper bag, man.” I have to admit, he has some interesting points. I’m not going to tell you which parts I actually agree with but I wanted to know what you think about what he said about dog and cat owners, especially industry people…

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  1. Well, I’m a single (divorced) dog owner and I must say that while on the surface it appears that what he’s saying is factually accurate, it’s not exactly “true.” Ya know? I don’t know if Tyler Perry currently has a dog, but he did for time. But aside from that, I will agree with you about the folks who haven’t the common or the DOG sense to ASK if their dog can greet us! It’s one of my biggest pet peeves (no pun intended). Beyond that, I guess it’s just where I live, but I do happen to come across a lot of successful, single dog owners – even if the industry is different from yours. I’m in the south loop in Chicago and this area is dense with pets and I’ve noticed upon conversation, that many of the dogs are rescues. So, even the most affluent and/or up and coming singles, either get involved with rescue organizations and foster/adopt pets only, or they do so and become involved with the rescue of other pets. I got my dog years ago from a breeder, but didn’t know much about pet adoption or rescue, and since learning, have joined the professional board of one of the organizations. And I assure you, very few folks involved in these organizations are pitiful or unattractive.
    Relative to the dog walking and picking up poop…I also get kind of tired of walking my own dog day in and day out. He’s a 5-year-old chocolate labrador retriever that I treat like a human and he responds as close to one as he can manage. I do have a dog walker in my building who walks him for me once a week, or more if I need her to. I just look at it as this dog didn’t ask to be here with me, but since he is, it’s the least I can do to ensure he gets exercise. That helps me…and I pick up poop because I think it’s disgusting not to. I don’t think it has anything to do with frustration; it’s more about doing something for some”one” who cannot do it for themselves. My dog brings me joy and an opportunity for daily exercise and laughs on days when I feel like doing neither. Feeding, grooming him and picking up poop offer me opportunities to exercise humility and serve on a daily basis…not exactly a sign of frustration.

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