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Kevin’s Update: Nutrisystem/My Fried Chicken Adiction

This past weekend, I had a challenge on my Nutrisystem program I want to tell you about. I usually hang out with friends and we usually go out to… you guessed it… eat. I mean, that’s what friends do during the weekend and I have to admit, I like going out to restaurants. I kept thinking about fried chicken (laugh). I was able to order grilled chicken and still be under the program’s guidelines and after about 20 minutes the need for fried chicken was gone.

The thing I like most about this program is I get to eat six times a day and I’m never hungry. Just for the hell of it, I went on the chat line that Nutrisystem offers to talk about my friend chicken addiction and after chatting with a counselor I learned valuable information on how to speed up weight loss and exercise techniques I didn’t know about. My favorite meals consist of the Mac and cheese with beef and the BBQ Sauce with Beef over beans and rice. To date I’ve lost 37 pounds and I feel so much better. If you have a few or even more pounds to lose, you really owe it to yourself to try Nutrisystem. Go to www.nutrisystem.com