KEVIN's SUMMARY: Why I Changed, Joyce Littel, Donnie Simpson, RFFocus Promoting Records,

 width=I recently wrote a story on Teddy Pendergrass when he died and I talked about the drag queen that was in his car and how the scand al was covered up. While I had heard many details of what supposedly took place in that car that fateful night, I was not there and I don’t know. I re-read the story over the next few days and it haunted me. I thought “Why am I writing this kind of stuff?” “Who am I trying to target and appeal to?” “What’ the benefit?” Then I went on to ask myself…”Why am I so passionate for urban ?” “What am I gaining from it?” “Who REALLY has my back?” The answer to all the questions is there is NO reason… especially a good one. I pulled those stories on Teddy in the middle of the night one night and I surmised I was wasting my time. I was tired of being a soldier in an Army of 1 and I knew other “leaders” in the industry were going to keep playing it safe, smiling in my face and patting me on the back then talking about me behind my back (which always comes back to me via other industry people) and they were going to refuse to assist in my futile fight to help the urban industry get on track. I know that I have MANY real supporters and RF fans out there too and if you are one of those, then you know I’m not talking about you.

I constantly get offers to do independent promotion and I have passed that work on to independent promoters who don’t seem to know how to ever say “Thank You” not even a lunch or an ad as part of the deal but ALWAYS an excuse. I will even get calls and emails from independent promoters TODAY after they read this who will say “I’ve never done you like that, give that work to me.” (laugh).

I can understand what Whitney Houston meant when she said, Is there anybody you can trust in the industry? I agree, I will say first and foremost, I trust the people who pay me. Why? Well because they support me and believe in what I do. They put their money where there mouth ISN’T (laugh) in other words, talk can be cheap but CLIENTS know RFFocus is legitimate and I don’t ask for favors, we really are the Number 1 urban industry resource..   I can understand it’s tight as hell in these mean music industry streets but then I realized “What the hell am I doing?” I have the BEST resources to promote music starting with RFFocus a very highly ranked and read daily blog. I also FULLY understand promotion online something that I have not seen any indie (indy) promoter do (not to say there are not those who can I just don’t know them) and I have no problem doing niche promotion in areas NO indie promoter would touch. So I have not only decided to start an independent section in RFFocus as of today but I am relaunching Blast AD Vantage as a full service music promotions service specializing in online and music promotion. If you have questions about how we will work contact me [email protected]. It’s time to make some changes and set up my own team.

I feel bad for Joyce and Donnie but Joyce was very eloquent in stating that she prepared herself for that day. She has TRULY been blessed to have worked for almost 20 years at one station of that magnitude. I can only hope they gave her some kind of retirement package since she was so close to 20 years. …. I’m registering for classes this week… and studying for my real estate broker’s license so I have to go… One must prepare for life after the industry…. (wink)
Talk to you soon

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