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KEVIN’S SUMMARY: Top 10 PD Comments, My Confession..

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 width=Greetings Industry fam…

While doing the Top 10 Urban Programmers of Contest, I determined that while there are some excellent programmers in , many industry people feel they don’t know them, this includes other programmers. I have no doubt our lack of conferences has a lot to do with the camaraderie that was once prevalent but is now interrupted. Urban is unique and not like other formats. There is a cultural bond that we have that works best when it is cultivated, revisited and nurtured. This became incredibly evident to me during the industry picnic this past October in LA.

Many urban people feel much safer under the radar than in any kind of spotlight that they deem will draw negative attention as perceived betrayal from the corporations. I think this is most unfortunate. I will state once again urban people can feel free to contact me with any news and information about the corporation, rumors etc and they will never have to worry about me revealing my sources.

I have been approached time and again about doing an industry conference even by investors but I must admit I can’t help but to think if the corporations won’t let employees talk to the press there is a good chance they also won’t let them attend outside events either (lol). I think I have a way to fix this possible problem so the likelihood of a RFFocus conference of some kind is very possible in the near future. You can best believe it will not be like any other conference or industry event you have ever been to. Would your feedback, ideas and suggestions on a RFFocus Conference. Email me [email protected]

I have heard many positive comments about our latest contest (The RFFocus Top 10 Urban PDs of All Time) and I have heard there have been some negative comments (of course very few have come directly to me) There will be a RFFocus Top 25 Urban PDs of 2011 contest in the last quarter of the year which will focus more on current PDs and the list will be expanded.

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