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KEVIN'S SUMMARY: The Frequency, Doug Banks, Steve Hegwood, Rickey Smiley, 30 Day Series

pennies-copy1-150x150Well this time I can believe another week has passed and I’m GLAD it’s ended. I’m more than ready to get back to work and do RFFocus for another year.

I moved to another city over the break. I moved to a very nice upscale area of town.. so I thought. There has been nothing but repeated drama from day 1 with raw sewage spilling from the building on to the street (the plumbing told me it was mostly sanitary napkins that clogged up the system) to my door neighbor’s father beating her ass last night at midnight, to another tenant parking his Mercedes directly in front of my door, WHAT IN DE FOOK? Since it’s only temporary, I’m going to blow the dust of my real estate resources as an agent and see if I can get out of the agreement and move… again.

Doug Banks rant about Citadel not promoting him and his show is interesting. With all due respect to Doug and DeDe and all they have done, when do we, as industry pros, realize our days may have come and gone? Personally, I feel that I am too old to be on the air and I HAVE referred opportunities offered to me to younger people. I guess it’s a matter of choice but c’mon brethren let’s open the doors and let a new generation of people in… it’s BEYOND time…. Sh…! If I was PD at a station today it would be all about nurturing new talent. No syndication allowed (unless it was my own show… just kidding). As quiet as it’s kept, the older syndication people and upper management what’s driving the trendsetters away from the radio concept.   They totally out of touch with the streets. FOOK research. Radio is dying and some aspects are already dead. When the decision makers step aside and realize they are dated and they bring in a new generation, radio can be taken off life support. We can’t do this sh… until we are 150 years old.

I was really hoping that Steve Hegwood’s station in Atlanta would do well, I was talking to a major media outlet in Atlanta yesterday about the situation and we were both scratching our heads as to why Steve, a seemingly intelligent man, would use Radio One materials to operate the station? There is more to the story I’m sure. Forking over the signal as the settlement is almost comical.

I’m trying to figure out what to do for my next 30 day series the first one Now-u-Know “The Music Industry” has been very successful. If you have any ideas let me know. You know I love to hear from RFFocus fans.

After responding to yesterday, I asked myself… why did I do that? Jodi Williams told me she is going to print my response and that’s fine but sometimes it gets so frustrating being the only publisher with balls (besides Eric Rhoads at ). If I had to get up each day and publish pure pu..y and info I would have quit this a long time ago. I don’t even read The Frequency, it’s all positive Radio One “news” and promotion but it’s more than that (read here) too. I stopped publishing a magazine 8 years ago, that whole concept is so 2002 to me. (Kevin bangs his head into the wall). I’m not going to respond to her response in the publication unless I feel I have to. Now, will the NY Times or the Atlanta Journal and Constitution challenge me.. I’d be up for that (laugh).

There is 1 syndicated show I actually do like. . I hear Rickey is hard to work with but I like the show and you will rarely hear me talk badly about it in a bad way.

Hope your new year is off to a great start.