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KEVIN’S SUMMARY: KUDOS to BET, David Honig, Miller London, Chris Brown & Adam Corrola.

 width=This week, I’m going to skip Starbucks because, I’m not there. I have a bit of insomnia because I exercised pretty heavy last night.   I’m determined to shake this Atlanta weight (and Atlanta) and without all the greasy ass fried chicken and peach cobblers at every corner, it’s much easier to do. There is NO good soul food in LA and if there is, don’t tell me about it. I don’t want to know (lol).

I have to give Kudos to this week, I didn’t watch the award show but the network has been an increasingly great resource for giving, often-forgotten, black talent a much needed platform. It was great to see El DeBarge still sounding and looking the same after all the sh… he’s been through. The man has 10 kids and he has to make a living. His appearance on has garnered him a whole new legion of fans as he’s been in the top of the Google search engine requests since the award show aired. Monique’s show has also been an amazing resource for the same thing.   I love what she is doing with the show and the plethora of great guests who have been on there and I’ve gotten used to her approach. She is MUCH better suited for TV than radio and she’s doing a great job.

Shows like America’s Got Talent are opening doors for older talent to shine shattering all industry rules and giving the audience what THEY want. Artists like El DeBarge can actually get a second chance these days, the question is… will radio bend its rules too?

I went to ’s going away party this past weekend.. I rarely go to industry events these days on the music side but I do go to a lot of independent film (IFC) events, art shows etc. I love diversity, why should I only do black events?   As a matter of fact I just confirmed an invite to see an art exhibit by Cher’s son Elijah Blue next week. I hope to run into Chaz Bono there (Cher’s former daughter who has had reassignment surgery to become a man) so I can run a picture in the blog and people can run past their alcohol, drugs, mistresses, hungry kids, addictions, debt piles, unloved animals and crack pipes so that they can get their Bible to pray for Chaz (lol).

As far as Miller’s event, it was somewhat sad. Miller’s has been here in LA for 40 years (almost as long as I have been on earth) and he came when Motown moved to LA in 1970. I bet the music industry and LA was a lot of fun back then.   At any rate, Miller and his wife have decided to relocate back to Detroit.   It was great to see Dwight Bibs, Miller, Carol Carper, David Mitchell and a few others. The food was GREAT and I tried my best not to just pull up a chair with wheels on it and eat the whole got damn buffet (laugh). It’s been a long time since I have had fried chicken, collard greens and potato salad and I paid for it that night. Gloray

Can we now leave alone? Let the man have a career. We are so quick to forget about the stupid sh… we ALL did in our 20’s (sh…, 30s, 40s and 80s too!). I’m willing to BET there are things you did in your 20’s you don’t EVER want anyone to know about. ’s problem was his sh… was public. Play his music and give him a damn break.

KUDOS to for going after the FCC and the EEO Rules. The industry still has issues when it comes to race and certain things need to be addressed but often we talk about sh… in own comfort zones and nothing is ever done to change it.

Adam Corrola’s axe to grind against commercial radio is starting to pay off. His podcast is breaking records and he’s making appearances and booking gigs too. I wonder what would happen if unemployed radio announcers started to do the same thing in their markets? Take note, do you REALLY need call letters and a corporation to be a REAL radio host?   A slave might but you? Hell no. Why not make radio come to you and if it doesn’t FOOK IT… STILL DO IT.

To all advertisers in the industry who (in 2010) still rely on biased industry trade polls and surveys to see who’s reading what… WAKE UP, YOU’RE DEAD! The internet is a great place to do YOUR OWN RESEARCH and here’s a bonus…. IT’S NOT BIASED!

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