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Best and Worst Black Celebs I have Ever Met?

People Don CorneliusI will start this off by saying I have literally met hundreds of celebrities. Most of them were very cool and very down to earth. I can always understand someone having a bad day but there are 4 celebrities that come to mind when I think of people I don’t ever have to meet again.

: I met him at the Soul Train Awards about 10 years ago. Everybody was enjoying themselves and I came up to him and told him how much I loved Soul Train growing up and how much I admired his work. He snarled up his lip at me and growled like I was annoying him (laugh). Nobody else was around otherwise I would have roasted his old ass but I just laughed and walked away. I

knew someone who worked for him and I asked him was he really that much of an asshole and they told me “Most people don’t like him but he laughs and jokes around the office, I don’t think he trusts anyone.”bobbyblameswhitney

Q-Tip: Just an all around sh…ty attitude. Came up to Urban Network when I was the rap editor and was very distant and anti-social. When you feel like that, keep your ass at home.

The Late Gwen Guthrie: I was new to the industry and at the time her Smash hit Nothing Going on but the Rent was out. She was practically taking up an entire couch in a Jack the Rapper suite and I had no idea she was that big, but I told her how much I loved her music and she never said a word, she just smiled and nodded her head (laugh) with every compliment I gave her. I will excuse Gwen cause she looked like she didn’t want to be there and she looked uncomfortable.

Lisa Lisa: She gets RFFocus and if she reads this … Oh well. She came up to Urban Network and was really nasty to a co worker who asked her about somebody she was supposed to be dating. The guys from Cult Jam were real down to earth and it was if they were trying to make up for her sh…ty attitude.

– Really down to earth, extremely intelligent.

– Dana has that “it” factor and she is one of the most down to earth people in the industry I have ever met. Very accommodating and warm.

Vanessa Wiliams – Somewhat edgy but humbled by her experiences and once she warms up to you she is a great person.

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