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Kevin Ross’ New Book “Mind Your Own Damn Business”

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I am ALWAYS asked business advice and I’ve kept a diary over the of the most challenging problems and triumps AND the hardest lessons I’ve learned during the journey. I tell you how I made a with my very first business and about some of the things that stressed me out to the point of almost no return. I want to you time and money so here it is folks, my new book, .” After 15 years of being an , I’ve learned a trick or two and this book will save you YEARS of frustration and it will help you avoid the most Common mistakes urban entrepreneurs make. This book is a paperback issue. Order your copy early by clicking below. Cost is $10.00 (including Postage and Handling). will be ready March 11, 2009.

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Kevin Ross: RFFocus.org CEO with over 20 years experience in the Industry. Ross is a former radio Program Director and Radio Jock. You can contact him by clicking the "Contact Us" button in the menu bar.

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