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Keith Sweat To Publish First Book

mgid-uma-video-mtvR&B singer/songwriter/producer/radio show host adds author to his list of titles with the upcoming release of his first book “Make It Last Forever: The Do’s and Don’ts”. In time for Valentine’s Day, Sweat’s book romance and , and hits bookshelves on February 12th.

Sweat’s debut album “Make It Last Forever” soared to the top of the R&B and , and sold over three million copies. “I have had girlfriends, been married, been divorced, cheated on women, been cheated on by women, been in when it really wasn’t and been in when it was true . That said, these experiences afford me an insight that has instilled a level-headed perspective.” said Sweat.

No to matters of the heart, Sweat’s nationally , “The Sweat Hotel”, features a regular segment called “Relationship Maintenance” during which he offers to his listeners. Published by Strebor , “Make It Last Forever: The Do’s and Don’ts” touches on subject matters of fidelity, online dating, and whether or not opposites truly attract.

The Sweat Hotel airs in 49 markets and is the #1 urban nighttime radio program in the nation.

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