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Kathryn C. Boxill’s Poignant Piece on Radio Being Part of the Solution

web-radioKathryn C. Boxill, the Sales Research Manager, wrote an exquisite piece on the power of being part of the solution during tough times or crisis situations.  You have to read in its entirety to absorb the true essence of the message she wanted to convey  Check it out below or HERE.

One thing that remains true to this day is the power Radio can have when present and engaged in what is occurring in and around our communities. With the recent tragic events taking place across our country, whether human or weather-related, the people need to hear from their local officials, police chiefs, community leaders, RADIO PERSONALITIES, etc. Listeners also need to hear from those directly affected so their stories can be heard and understood. This open dialogue, when done with respect, integrity, and compassion, can lead to a better understanding. It can also hopefully lead to what one can do as a concerned community resident. That can range from how can I help those in need, how can we hold those accountable, where am I going to get clean water, how can I get help for my displaced family, to how can I keep my children/family safe.

Oftentimes listeners may not know where to turn for help or solutions. This is where Radio can play a profound role in terms of on-the-spot programming greatly benefiting the communities they serve. It is your duty to do so. It is the Radio personalities’ duties to do so. And, yes, it does require people who are about the people. It does require those who are not afraid of the “what ifs” if they get too entrenched in the controversial issues we find ourselves in. Sure, Radio is here to entertain. But, let’s be clear that Radio is also here to inform, educate, and LEAD. You may have some listeners who will tune out. You may have community leaders attempt to silence you. However, to be silent while continuing to just play music or the gossipy segments would be a total disservice to the people who you want to tune in day in and day out.

I give kudos and acknowledge for taking a stand and publically informing all that they want to be a part of the solution in terms of the recent shootings. However, with words, consistency, and perseverance are required far beyond today, tomorrow, next month, next year, or five years from now. http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/radio-one-media-statement-there-must-be-a-better-way-300296174.html

I remember years ago the first syndicated show I was really exposed to was Tom Joyner. At first it was new and interesting, but then at some point I wanted to hear about what was going on in the Washington, DC metro area in terms of news and pop culture. So now I find myself listening more to the NPR stations in my area. Yes, syndicated shows add great value to radio and the stations that they broadcast on. But what they don’t offer is that local voice. Someone who is actually in tune to what is going on in Your Town USA. This morning I was listening to Steve Harvey on WHUR-FM in Washington, DC as he interviewed the Deputy Chief Police from Dallas. I must say that interview was extremely enlightening and informative. Steve admitted it himself. But, I also want to hear about what the DC and Prince George’s County, MD hired officials have to say and what initiatives they have going on to help combat whatever is happening in our communities. And, that’s difficult when many stations’ morning and afternoon drives (usually the most listened-to time periods) are loaded with syndicated shows. The solution there is perhaps, during each of those shows, to have a 15-30 minute local breakaway segment. However, owners may be too afraid to do so because they may feel that it is all about the ratings and not the actual people. I see someone already sweating bullets at the thought of allocating 30 minutes of their show.

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