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K1 Entertainment Debuts Leaky Sync As Its Boutique Music Licensing Collective

leakyWith over 15 years of working directly with independent artists and , K1 Entertainment was consistently asked if K1 can pitch music for syncs in advertising, film, gaming and television. This lead K1 to analyze this side of the music business by attending expos, test driving music library/pitching sites, and establishing relationships with music supervisors. During this time frame, K1 was fortunate to begin pitching songs off its label arm, Project Spread, as well as off of the Musicom/NYCMusic catalog (Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, Logical Drift, Ravi Shankar, Tito Puente).

In the development stage, K1 was looking to establish a boutique collective. The collective would consist of a curation and editorial team to not just pitch music for sync consideration from a high quality catalog, but to also promote songs for its artists and labels. Looking for a catchy name to support the new business initiative, Leaky Sync was born.

Currently under beta, LeakySync.com is a user-friendly, -driven site created to ‘pitch’ music in an entertaining way. The music blog provides ‘search’ fields to browse for specific moods, genres, similar , key instruments, and lyrical targeted words and phrases in a particular song. Each blog post contains a review and audio player of the featured song(s) that contain a download button for each track at 192kbps. Understanding that licensees need songs at a higher bite rate, Leaky Sync provides a song request line that’s available 24/7 for such requests.

“All our rightsholders own and control 100% of their master recordings and music publishing, making it a much smoother licensing process for all parties involved”, mentioned Josh East, Head Curator & Editor for Leaky Sync.

Since Leaky Sync has been created for music industry relations, each song featured in the blog provides a free music download offer under the Creative Commons License (Atribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs). This gives users the right to download and share music with their friends, family and colleagues alike, regardless if a music fan just discovered the site.

Leaky Sync curators will only pick select tracks for the editorial team to feature in the blog, so rightsholders do not have to worry about their entire album or catalog made available as a free download offer. Leaky Sync will however license the entire album or catalog just in case there is that one track that fits a sync request eagerly ready to pitch.

As a music licensing collective, Leaky Sync is looking to work with similar companies, allowing others to also pitch its catalog. “We didn’t establish Leaky Sync to compete with other music licensing and pitching companies. In fact, we’re excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with a few companies who have already begun pitching songs within our catalog, to their clients”, adds Mr. East.

Leaky Sync has additional developments in the works that will feature a more robust search function for lyrical keywords, while initiating its collective side of artists, composers, producers and remixers for urgent composition requests.

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