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Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” Remix Targets Urban Radio


As an obvious fan of hip-hop based on his own attempts to rhyme,   is making a play for urban with the remix to his latest single “Boyfriend.”  His remix features  , 2 Chainz, and as they collaborate to bring a little more street cred to the project.

starts things off with a verse about treating his girl to anything she wants. Actually, that’s pretty much what Roth and Miller’s verses are about too.  Noticeably absent is JB’s rap alter Shawty Mane. This would have been the perfect opportunity for Justin to lay down another rap verse of his own but he sticks to singing, opting to keep in the choruses and bridge from the original release of the song.

The original version of “Boyfriend” is taken from Justin Bieber’s “Believe.” The set will make its way to stores and online retailers on June 19. In support of the project, Justin will head out on tour starting this fall.