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Julia Hudson: The HIGH Price of LOW Self Esteem?

Dude just LOOKS Troubled….
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Several blogs have attacked Julia Hudson’s low self esteem and obesity as the reason she would marry someone like Balfour. Now that Jennifer Hudson ‘s estranged brother-in-law, has been arrested Monday in the slayings of the Oscar winner’s mother, brother and 7-year-old nephew, according to Chicago , why did it take so long?

No motive for the slayings was disclosed, but police told the Chicago Tribune that on the morning of the killings Julia Hudson reported to her job as a school bus driver and learned that her paycheck had been garnered due to unmade payments on a car that Balfour had taken earlier (or one that she rented or leased for him?) She then called Balfour. Sources ““ who reconstructed events based on conversations with a girlfriend of Balfour’s ““ told the Tribune that Balfour then went to the Hudson home and fired through the front door, striking Jason Hudson. Darnell Donerson was allegedly shot as she entered the living room. The boy was reported missing from the home after Julia Hudson came home about 3 p.m. and alerted police (yet she stated she walked in and walked out immediately when she saw the bodies. How did she know her son was not in the house if she had not searched the house? I STILL say Julia knew something). The boy was the subject of a three-day search until his body was found inside a white SUV parked on a West Side street early on Oct. 27. A bullet lodged in the vehicle suggests he was shot in the car, police sources said.