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Jill Scott is Remixed & Re-Grooved on New Music Series, CRATES

 width=Hidden Beach kicks off the summer with the launch of a new remix compilation series entitled CRATES: REMIX FUNDAMENTALS. The first volumes will be eclectic collections of Jill Scott hits remixed and re-grooved by some of the music industry’s best DJs and Producer/Remixers. CRATES: REMIX FUNDAMENTALS VOLUME 1 (Spring Summer Feeling), the first of three remix volumes for Jill Scott from her former label home, captures the spirit of summer with upbeat tempos and catchy dance beats capturing that perfect Summer feeling. CRATES: REMIX FUNDAMENTALS VOLUME 1 is available June 26, 2012.

Jill Scott‘s original vocals were paired with some of music’s most influential DJs and Producer/Remixers including Ron Trent, Ca$e , and Mr. Mig transforming her soulful vocals to be enjoyed by new worldwide. DJ , the architect of Scott’s multi-platinum debut “Who Is Jill Scott?,” was the only producer to work directly with Jill Scott. His Jazzy Jeff Redux of “A Long Walk” appears for the first time on CD on VOLUME 1.

The centerpiece of CRATES: VOLUME 1 is “Spring Summer Feeling – The Ron Trent Mix” a lush ten minute plus House music re-tooling of Jill Scott‘s to Minnie Ripperton that will transport audiences poolside in Miami. Ron Trent offers “Voices like Jill’s are a credit to the expansive of our culture. We need more like her.” He continues, “It was an honor to have offered my of “Spring Summer Feeling.” I paid close attention to the integrity of her voice also keeping with the uptempo roots of R&B and Afro-Beat flavor. The is dance music is something divorced from R&B when it is historically one in the same. Hopefully this version will remain a classic amongst other listening ears as has been claimed by the top underground dance music DJ’s and Dancers around the world.”

Besides Ron Trent and DJ Jazzy Jeff, on CRATES: VOLUME 1, fans will be treated to new versions of their favorite Jill Scott songs by Mr Mig (Beyoncé, , Kristine W), Ca$e Boogie (Young Money, ), and Jaymes”Th3ree Fourteen” Ball (, ) among others.

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