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Jay Z’s Business Acumen Bites an Apple

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Why is anyone surprised that is in negotiations with ? While there may be more to the deal behind the scenes, Apple music wants to be Number One at ALL costs. Just this week there was a report that Spotify’s attorney sent a letter to Apple about the company monopolizing their music service and hurting competitors by threatening to not offer the app for Spotify in the app store if Spotify doesn’t comply with Apple’s rules which could hinder their growth. Time will tell where that one goes.

Now the behemoth is in talks with ’s TIDAL to take over the reigns. TIDAL has been around for a while but it exploded when invested in the company and put his face on the brand with a superstar launch and a unique that appealed to who often feel they have been short changed when it comes to both and terrestrial revenue when they music is played. While the $19.99 service fee was seen as excessive to competitors, music sites and even users, Jay Z offered something the other music services could not…


Jay Z used what business owners should be using more of in negotiating their positions and deals to their business services (especially African Americans within their cultural creative because more often than not we GIVE it away instead of selling it). LEVERAGE. What is leverage? It’s what I’m using right now by posting this story on my site then posting links on all the social networks to lead you back to my site. It’s taking the credit and reaping the benefits for YOUR knowledge, , connections, affiliations and your work. This is exactly what Jay Z did with TIDAL.

Another example that we can learn from Jay Z’s acumen in business is the importance of getting in and getting out as an entrepreneur. Not all business is long term and to wealth you either have to create ancillary product from the original brand or you sell the whole company. No matter what you do in business you will eventually grow bored with it so you have to know when to seize great opportunities. To that end in Jay Z’s case, he used his leverage with TIDAL in these ways…

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