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Jay Z Agreed to Move Forward with Barneys Department Store Amidst Accusations of Racial Profiling, Barneys then Cancels Fundraiser?


This is a situation that would leave one scratching his head. did his own investigation into allegations that Barneys is guilty of racial profiling. He was vilified in the press and Change.org for not immediately pulling out of his campaign with the retailer. The rapper/ has an agreement with the retailer to sell some of his fashion items. Under pressure to cancel his deal, Jay Z announced last week that he had decided to move forward with the retailer nonetheless with some “substantial changes in their partnership.” Apparently Barneys had a change of heart about those changes as they turned around today and cancelled Jay Z’s offsite fundraiser to kick off the event on Wed due to “unforseen .” Unfortunately, this puts Jay-Z in an awkward position. How will he respond to this?  It would have been to Barneys’ GREATEST benefit to move forward with the event to CORRECT their as a store that racially profiles black customers. It appears now they could care less.

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